Project 2020 ‘Create’

This project was our competition entry into Taylor Wimpey’s Project 2020. The ‘Create’ concept combines customisable living space where it is needed, and economical construction where it isn’t. Upstairs floorplans and construction are fixed. Downstairs flexibility is maximised, and facades are modular.

Construction details are robust and off-site fabrication is used where economical. Applied to a full range of house-types, the Create concept will offer significant advantages to the housebuilder and customer:

  • Versatile house-types: suitable for a range of site densities and contexts.
  • Adaptable homes: customisable to suit a range of customers.
  • A reduced house-type portfolio, giving savings in design and procurement.
  • Appeal to a wider share of the market.
  • Reduced construction costs.
  • Improved build quality.
  • Reduced build time.
  • Attractive contemporary design.
  • Excellent energy efficiency.