Private Rental Market Competition

As a practice we entered a competition to explore designs for a privately rented suburban neighbourhood.

In 2012 Wates Giving sponsored a report that investigated the impact of the under-supply of housing on current generations of aspiring first time home-owners.

More broadly, the report also considered the private rental sector and its place in national housing policy. Our design concept revolutionises the way we currently look at housing on suburban sites.

At the heart of the design is the ideaof creating a vibrant, social and engaging place to live. This design will create a strong community for people who wish to privately rent a home for a substantial period of time within a framework that could adapt to meet the needs of ever-changing lifestyles.

At the heart of the proposals is a central multi-use green space that comprised an amphitheatre, running track, equipped play for a range of age groups as well as casual recreational use.