Urban Design

Braid Park, Post Hill, Tiverton

This project for Barratt and David Wilson Homes has been accredited with a Building for Life award. 

The design builds on and improves upon the indicative layout submitted as part of the Outline Application.  The proposals follow sound principles of urban design, to create an attractive and functional environment which supports sustainable lifestyles.

The layout incorporated the following key features:

1. A ‘Green Avenue’: a strategic route running from the NHS site, down the hill to Uplowman Road, offering views of the countryside to the north.

2. A ‘Landscape Link’: a linear route running along the existing hedgerow adjacent to the affordable housing area.

3. Two children’s playgrounds: one in the north part of the site and one in the south.

4. A public space towards the south end of the Green Avenue.

5. A central public space at the north end of the Green Avenue, incorporating a pond.

The Green Avenue was conceptualised as a village street, with a mix of housing types intended to create an informal, organic feel of traditional styles.

The development will provide a high-quality residential environment, which aims to make a positive contribution to the area.