About Us

PLACE By Design is a diverse and enthusiastic Urban Design and Architectural practice based in Bristol. We are involved in projects from conception all the way through to technical drawing and construction. PLACE By Design takes pride in organising a range of extensive community engagement events.

PLACE By Design prepares and evolves concept design proposals through the process of masterplanning. As part of promoting our clients aspirations we work closely with the Local Planning Authority to prepare, where necessary, Masterplans & Design Codes, Development Briefs / Development Frameworks and Design & Access Statements to support a range of planning submissions.

PLACE By Design can offer a range of visualisation (CGI) options, from hand drawn perspectives to large scale photo-realistic 3D Visuals to enable the 2D designs to be fully understood and realised in three dimensions prior to construction. These images provide an invaluable asset when used as part of the clients on and off site marketing strategy.

Steve Hawkins

Urban Designer

My interest in life is design. Specifically designing better places to live. The built and natural fabrics that define our daily lives, influence not only the aesthetics of a place or appearance of a building, but play a significant role in defining us and our behaviour. My aim is to design and/or manage the process of design that enable the built and natural environments to positively impact its users, thus promoting an enhanced quality of life. Achieving this requires a team approach, an approach that embodies inclusive design, a solution that is underpinned by joined-up thinking. Efficiency and quality are attributes that must remain at the forefront of decision-making and design in order to achieve viability and successful places.

Charley Burrough

Technical Designer

My focus is technical design, I aim to deliver projects that work for the user, express modern construction techniques and include the performance of the latest building systems. Our built environment has to reflect the requirements of the user, be built to adapt and be free to express modern design within its context. My experience within modern sustainable construction methods and refurbishment projects enables me to bring an all-inclusive approach to each project.

Bill Hughes

Urban Designer

Creating attractive, safe, and usable spaces requires the integration of the built and natural environment, and must be built not only for the present, but future too. This wide spectrum of sectors and experiences have brought together skill sets that better allow me to be more competent in design solution and resolution. Involving the public within this design process is vital as it is them who will use the spaces and buildings, and it is them who will be asked to provide social cohesion and policing in order to ensure these environments are used to their fullest.

Pauline Morel

Office Manager


Simon Rayner